To Travel Greece From Turkey By Car

If you are living in Istanbul or in the western part of Turkey and you are looking for short getaways to new destinations - beyond the usual ones - an easy choice is to jump on your car and explore Greece and Western Thrace in one day. A basic requirement, of course, is to have a Schengen visa. If you do not have a Schengen visa, you can learn more about how to get it.

Necessary preparations for the journey:

If you will drive by car, you must have a valid international driving license. New microchip driving licenses are for international use, so if you hold such a diploma there is no reason to worry about anything. However, if your diploma does not have a chip or other international feature, then with your identity card and 2 pictures you can apply to Turing and obtain an international driving license. You must also get an international insurance for your car, the so-called Green Card. With your license and your car insurance documents, you can contact the Turing offices in Ankara, Izmir, Derekoy and Hamzabeyli or you can complete the Green Card acquisition process with your credit card on the Ipsala and Pazarkule borders.

The Green Card fees are priced according to the duration you wish as follows:

  • 15 days € 63.00
  • 1 month € 78.00
  • 2 months € 110.25
  • 3 months € 141.75
  • 4 months € 173.25
  • 5 months € 204.75
  • 6 months € 236.25
  • 1 year € 315.00

If you want to travel with the vehicle of another owner or a corporate car, you will have to obtain a notarized authorization from the car owner or the representative of the company to which he belongs. As soon as everything is done, show your documents at the border and you are ready to enjoy the hospitality of Greece.

NOTE: It is recommended to bring with you a few Euros in coins for tolls that you might encounter on the way.

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