Redblueguide.com is an internet platform that hosts and promotes Greek and Turkish Businesses and Professionals, while addressing everyone, visitors of any nationality, helping them with whatever their need (personal or professional) in either country, GREECE and TURKEY, concerning PRODUCTS or SERVICES. Apart from the wide variety of categories, the website can also assist in VIP requirements, as well as more specialized choices for a unique and cool “local” experience. Our goal is to provide constant updates regarding trade fairs, festivals, cultural, sports and other events, carried out in either of the two countries. We also want to provide fast and easy goods and services purchases through the sites of the businesses we host, depending on the needs and choices of each visitor. We believe that Greece and Turkey, the two peoples, can mutually benefit by promoting their advantages and particularities to each other, as well as to the rest of the world.

Redblueguide.com is available in 3 languages (Greek, Turkish and English), on a computer, tablet or mobile telephone.



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